A high-tech methodology​ to get fit and healthy based on our electro muscular stimulation technology

The 30 Minutes Fit® methodology ​​

We have developed an innovative method of training routines with our electro muscular stimulation technology with sessions as short as 30 minutes.

Through the App, with eSuit® and personalized EMS Training and Nutritional Coaching plans, you will get the toned and healthy body you've always wanted! 

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Fit Diagnostic

Requires the Fit Diagnostic Pack 

Nutritional Coaching
EMS Training

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It all starts with the Fit Diagnostic 

It is a personalized 30-minute video conference session with a nutritionist coach to guide you in reaching your goals and determine the right Nutritional Coaching plan for you based on your body data obtained from the App via synchronization with your smart scale and measuring tape.

Fit Diagnostic Process

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Available for iOS or Android mobile devices and tablets.

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Includes a smart scale and measuring tape and more...

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Enter your body information

Receive your smart scale and measuring tape, weigh yourself and record your body information in the App.

Schedule your Fit Diagnostic

Schedule your Fit Diagnostic appointment from the App and receive the link to the video conference in your email.

All in one App

  • Synchronize your weight and body data with the smart scale.
  • Schedule your Fit Diagnostic and personalized coaching sessions.
  • Access your nutritional and training plans.
  • Buy products and subscriptions with eShop.
  • Accumulate points and receive surprises.
  • Receive reminders and notifications.
  • And much more...

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  • Access to more than 1,300 recipes of French, Mexican and international cuisine.
  • Meal plans according to your requirements for:
    • Fat burning.
    • Muscle mass increase.
    • Maintenance.
  • Have your daily meal plan immediately at hand.
  • Personalized advice under the coaching of our licensed nutritionists through subscription plans.

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30 Minutes Fit® EMS Technology

  • Unique products.
  • Designed in France.
  • 30 minutes of exercise with EMS is equivalent to 3 hours of traditional training.
  • Exercise your muscles by local electrical impulses through the electrodes of eSuit®.
  • Training plans based on each member's level of physical activity for:
    • Fat burning.
    • Muscle mass increase.
    • Maintenance.
    • High performance.
  • Personalized advice under the coaching of our certified EMS trainers through subscription plans.

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