Tone your body with the 30 Minutes Fit® EMS Technology

What is Electro Muscular Stimulation?

Electro Muscular Stimulation is also called EMS.

It is a way of exercising muscles by means of local electrical impulses that are generated from a device and transmitted through electrodes placed inside a specialized garment and located on the muscles to be stimulated.

The impulses mimic the action potential coming from the central nervous system causing muscle contraction.

The 30 Minutes Fit® EMS technology

The 30 Minutes Fit® EMS products have been designed in France with engineers and technicians specialized in the design of electronic products and based on the EMS technology, they are specialized products, with unique design and high quality for personal fitness training.

30 Minutes Fit® offers a kit named EMS Pack that contains as main products the following:

  • eBrain® wireless device.

  • A specialized eSuit® garment.

  • ​An eSuit® belt.

  • A pair of non-slip socks.

  • The 30 Minutes Fit® App to follow and control the training to be performed.

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  • 30 minutes of exercise with 30 Minutes Fit® EMS technology is equivalent to 3 hours of traditional training, depending on a person's training habit profile.
  • Work full body or muscle zones at the same time with different intensities.
  • Zero joint damage.
  • Workouts for people of any age.
  • Train anywhere, wear eSuit® and eBrain® with the 30 Minutes Fit® App and train in your home, office, hotel room or vacation spot...
  • Promotes blood and lymphatic circulation.
  • Strengthens and defines muscles.
  • Prevents muscle atrophy.
  • Reduces fat and improves shape.
  • Boost your results in your favorite sports such as golf, tennis, paddle tennis, squash, swimming, boxing, soccer, gymnastics, among others.

EMS Training

We offer EMS training plans based on each member's physical activity level to:

  • Fat burn.
  • Muscular mass increase.
  • Strength.
  • Cardio.
  • Resistance.
  • Maintenance.
  • High intensity.

There are two online subscription plan options to train alone:

  • Basic EMS.
  • Membership EMS.

We also offer EMS training sessions with a certified EMS coach in a physical location (at home or in a space authorized by 30 Minutes Fit®) with EMS training plans that adapt to the goals of each member. For this EMS training model, it is required in addition to the EMS coach service to contract the subscription plan:

  • Coaching EMS.

EMS training membership plans

Basic EMS

Train online with the EMS App

Train with the EMS App following the training videos
Get good results!

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Membership EMS

Train online with your EMS coach

Train according to the plan assigned to you by your EMS coach with monthly monitoring.
Get to your goals faster!

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Coaching EMS

Train in one location with your EMS coach

Train according to the plan assigned to you by your EMS coach with monitoring per session.
Get great results!

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EMS products 


Device that receives the signal from the 30 Minutes Fit® App and sends a signal through the power cables to the electrodes of the eSuit®, triggering impulses in the muscle group areas.

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Specialized suit with a unique design made in France, which has 20 electrodes covering 90% of the body's muscle groups and is used to perform physical training with EMS technology.

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eSuit® belt 

The eSuit® belt is used to tighten the electrodes on the abdomen and lower back when you burn fat and the eSuit® electrodes do not make sufficient contact with the skin.

eSuit®​ Pro

Specialized garment with a unique design made in France, which has 20 electrodes that cover 90% of the muscle groups of the body and is used to perform EMS training with our electro muscular stimulation technology. It is used by the EMS coach to train each member. eSuit®​ Pro is placed on top of wet eBody®.

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eBody® is a set (short and t-shirt) specially designed for training with eSuit® Pro. The material is light, it has excellent contact with the skin, since you must use it without underwear, and it allows water to be absorbed very quickly, since to train with eSuit® Pro, the eBody® must be wet , and also dries very quickly.

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Non-slip socks

The non-slip socks have been designed to train on any surface to avoid slipping, made with regenerated cotton and spandex, available in 3 unisex sizes.

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